Chat Transcript from Chat held with Venerable Grand Prytanis Mark Romig on August 13, 2003
(CEO/EVP Kevin Mayeux, Grand Hypophetes JJ 'Poppi' Edelmann, Grand Pylortes Charlie Trabold, also participating)

MODERATOR : Gooch Kappa Chi Asks: Frater Romig, my name is Brent - we met at Leadership Academy XVII. How can an undergraduate member take his first steps to being involved with TKE on the International level?
Mark Romig : Frater Gooch - hello...thanks for the question. There are a number of committees that need collegiate input - and also some work that relies on the collegiate chapters to succeed - like the Philanthropy Committee. Also, the Collegiate Advisory Committee is manned by collegiate members - and they have one rep. that sits as an ex officio on the Grand Council. Let me know your avail - though I would like to know what you are doing now for the chapter.

MODERATOR : Frater Mark, we have a block of Fraters at Lambda-Upsilon in the 200 Scroll number area, ages early 30's to mid 40's that we just can't seem to get back involved with the Chapter Alumni. Any ideas on how we can do this??
Mark Romig : Suggest you try to focus group a dozen of them - if they will answer your questions - as to what they would like to see occur to get them involved. Perhaps an event that they all want to do sponsored by the chapter would work. Or...if you get me their e-mail addresses, I will ask them for you. That might be a bit of a "surprise"!
MODERATOR : Ceege, one of the things that I have found with alumni of that age too, is it take a lot or persistence, especially if there was a gap in the chapter's existence
Poppi : The best advice I can give is that any frater wanting to get involved in TKE on the International level is to attend International level events, regularly. Conclave and RLC's are a great place to start to get training. Then stay involved with a local group or groups.

MODERATOR : Mike Gebauer Asks: Frater Romig, as I remember from the last chat, you mentioned that you would speak to Indy about the possibility of providing either free or low cost hosting to Provinces and Alumni Associations to help with websites, is there any more word on this?
Mark Romig : Frater - I will be speaking to that tomorrow when I visit the office. If Frater Mayeux gets on this evening, we can ask him to investigate.

MODERATOR : tank Asks: Frater Mark, I notice when I seek the web pages and contact information of other area alumni associations, that few have the information current. Is there any steps we can take to improve this problem?
Mark Romig : Frater Tank - a general effort to update this information is critical. Our alumni lists have a need for great improvement. The Alumni Involvement Committee - which is a new committee created this past Conclave (believe it or not, we have never had a standing alumni committee), will be charged with working to clean up our alumni contact lists.
Poppi : Alumni involvement with middle aged Fraters with young families is a real challenge. Try hosting events focused on Family involvement. Some chapters will host a kids pool party. The key to re-recruiting your alumni is to rush their wives. They absolutely have to feel valued and involved (or given the opportunity), and they MUST see that their husband's time is valued by the chapter.
tank : sorry for the delay in this follow-up, but the Houston Alumni Association has and continues to help host web sites and newsletters for other Alumni Association, is there any desire in this from the other fraters, if so, please contact me and we can set it up.
MODERATOR : How can they contact you Tank?
tank : My email address is

MODERATOR : Gooch Kappa Chi Asks: I have heard rumors of an interest group springing up at University of Toronto and at McGill in Montreal. Is there any truth to this and are there other plans to create more Canadian Teke chapters? If so, I would love to a part of this.
Mark Romig : We are forming an International Expansion Committee with Frater Brian Barrett and Frater Bob McMurry to investigate international expansion - and recommendations to expedite. No stone will be left unturned. I can't speak to this specific location, but this is a priority. I will forward this to Brian - and your interest.
sully_tke : FYI, we have a small interest group at the University of Ottawa and they will be getting a visit from Farmer in September
*****Follow-Up Answer from Grand Prytanis: There is a concerted effort for Canadian expansion. Frater Todd Farmer is corresponding with several Fraters regarding  the Univ. of Ottawa, and McGill, as well as looking into Western Ontario. All depends on getting a core group of alumni to help support such a move. Work continues. Like missionaries!

MODERATOR : Ceege-LU#1 Asks: Frater Mark and Poppi, How would an old Frater get involved with the new Alumni Involvement Committee and who is Chairing it??
Mark Romig : The Alumni Involvement Committee is being chaired by Tony Tangora. Call or write Erik Glenn at HQ ( and advise him of your interest.

Mark Romig : Fraters - a question...did any of you get into the chant discussion this past week? Interesting dynamic, and some good thoughts on usefulness and application. Some chants are solid...others not. Any comments?
Mike Gebauer : I remember when some of the older alumni came around, there would actually SING, now seems that since none of us can sing, we end up kinda yelling...
Mark Romig : Rappa Rappa Tau Kappa, Who the heck are We? Theta Mu Theta Mu, T-K-E. Rattle, rattle, here come the cattle! Theta Moooooo.
tank : the chants I saw posted on the tke-info were sort of "ungentlemanly" I thought
Poppi : Apparently the Ven GP spent a little too much time at the Rodeo in Texas!
Mark Romig : That's why I thought to offer an alternative that worked for us often.
Mike Gebauer : From some of the posts that were defending some of the more...vulgar chants, it seemed almost like a few people were more hyped up about yelling swear words than doing TKE things...

MODERATOR : Frater Romig, what are the plans if any to make the Committee Member application available to more than the initial list it was sent to? Will they be posted on
Mark Romig : Frater - we take all volunteers! E-mail me and I will get you involved on this any MANY other committees!
Poppi : The OGC has an application for members to fill out to apply for appointment to a committee. All committee members work at the pleasure of the Grand Prytanis, and as such are appointed by him.
MODERATOR : Yes, what I'm asking if someone isn't sure about how to become a committee member, will there be a link or the app online? How would someone not here tonight know who to contact?
Mark Romig : Good question - anyone interested in volunteering could alert their advisor, Province official or someone they know working at HQ or on a committee. It's probably something we need to be more forthcoming - because we need as many volunteers as possible.

MODERATOR : Nick Jacoby Asks: we have made a big step up with being able to register our candidates online. I was wondering if there was any chance we could eventually be able to view an up to date summary of our chapter's account with TKE HQ?
MODERATOR : I believe that is in the works, isn't it Mark?
Poppi : That would be an input that the CEO would have to answer. I know the staff is probably quite busy converting our databases at the OGC to our new system.
Mark Romig : We are moving toward a more interactive system - and this is a goal. We need this to also better service chapters - so we can see real time the progress of chapters. Stay tuned. I will pass on your enthusiasm for this being accomplished sooner than later. Poppi and I will be with the Grand Council this weekend and will bring this point up.
Poppi : The on-line statement viewing by the chapter officers and your Province Advisors and your Chapter Advisor all hinge on the completion of the upgrade to the new Patriot software that will replace our 10 year old FMS system.
Poppi : The Patriot transition is occurring this month, so the staff is working on trying to accomplish what you are asking for over the next 6-15 months depending on how easily things link up. Provided sufficient testing proves that these new features do not pose an undue risk to our valuable database. You see Risk Management is incorporated into everyday life.

Mark Romig : Any comments about Conclave? Was it valuable to those who attended?
Ceege-LU#1 : I thought Conclave was GREAT!!!!...
tank : Frater Mark, I wish to thank Heather for her great press release on the Conclave and thank Ceege for his report, too"
Ceege-LU#1 : This being my first ever Conclave I had no idea what to expect but my expectations were VERY surpassed...

MODERATOR : sully Asks: Does the TEF have any plans to create a leadership development retreat like 'futuresQuest' (sponsored by NIC) for new members or just stick with the LA's which are designed more for older undergrads?
Mark Romig : Frater Sully - I think the TEF would like to do a program like that - the issue will be finding the funds to support it.
Mark Romig : Your school probably has some funds through the Student Government/Congress to help pay for Fraters to go?
Poppi : For new member education, I strongly encourage you to take your ENTIRE candidate class to the closest Province Educational Conference, where they will learn an in depth back ground about TKE and participation in TKE. At the same time they will experience what it is like to be a part of a 100 man chapter.

MODERATOR : Gooch Kappa Chi Asks: I heard that Conclave was great. It has been quite some time since a Conclave was held up here in Canada? I would suggest coming to Montreal because the city has a lot to offer in the summer - has there been much serious talk about having a Conclave up here?
Mark Romig : Yes - in fact we were VERY close to naming 2005 in Ottawa - but the rate at the hotel and other costs were not good at the time we needed to decide. That's why we went to New Orleans (we even looked at Las Vegas, but could not work a deal). Conclave in Canada would be "cool" so to speak.
Poppi : I know the fraternity looked seriously at having a Canadian Conclave. Unfortunately the hotels are all booked heavily in the summer, and really do not want to give us pricing breaks that enable us to keep it affordable.

MODERATOR : Nick Jacoby Asks: frater Romig, what about possibly bringing conclave to Louisville again in honor of past GP Rodney Williams (who was like a father to me)? Louisville is easily accessible to everyone.
Mark Romig : Good location - and I share your feelings for this great Teke. I will pass this on to the Council this weekend. Which hotel might work? Is it the Seelbach? Or am I in the wrong city?
Nick Jacoby : Seelbach is Louisville yes

MODERATOR : Nick Jacoby Asks: I have talked with several of the workers at TKE HQ about possibly working there upon graduation. do most people who work at HQ end up landing good jobs from the connections they have made while there like frater Dave Wallace has?
Mark Romig : Frater - a post at HQ after graduation is an experience like few other. The connections and travel are good, and I know of several Tekes who have gone on to start their own companies or work for large corporations.
Poppi : Frater Wallace already had a career before starting staff, so he may be an exceptional situation, since his former employer missed his skills after he left to join our paid staff. Having said that, even if you do not work at the OGC as a paid staff member, the experience you gain as a member of the staff in a volunteer capacity is also one of the best learning laboratories available to you. My continued involvement in TKE has accelerated my career in the government because of the interpersonal skills it has allowed me to hone.
Mark Romig : Poppi brings up a good point to remember - there is paid staff and volunteer staff. We (collegiate and alum volunteers) are all volunteer staff! And proud of it!!!

MODERATOR : Mike Gebauer Asks: How are the signups for Life Loyal Teke compared to the projected signups?
MODERATOR : One piece of info I found out from Erik Glenn, is that Membership materials were delayed by an error on the company printing the membership cards, and it should be in the mail later this month
Mark Romig : On Life of last Friday, we were at 162. Solid number. Our internal goal is 800 by the end of May. Tracking well. The enthusiasm for the program is high.

Mark Romig : Fraters - talk to me about rush....who's got a number in mind for their chapter this semester?
sully_tke : we would like to try to double, from 25 to 50 (Tau Omega)
Nick Jacoby : 35 for alpha chi
Poppi : Frater Sully, don't try. Set a solid goal and meet it. I now chapters who went form 25 to 72 in one academic year. It is all about attitude and desire. As long as you have not reached your solid goal, everyman has to keeping working to recruit members until EVERY eligible man on campus has had an opportunity to learn about the benefits of being a Teke! I know you can DOUBLE if you make a decision to do it and follow through!

MODERATOR : Fraters the Grand Pylortes Charlie Trabold has joined us as well!

MODERATOR : Mike Gebauer Asks: There has been a lot of talk about "re-education" of alumni, or bringing them up to speed with how TKE is today as opposed to say 10-2 years ago, what steps are being planned to do this, and to keep alumni up to date with training?
Mark Romig : Frater Mile - that's a tough situation - and we all know how difficult it is to change a mindset. I think the best way to do it is through a combination of communications and actual programming, where older alums can see what is the current status and direction of TKE. And how some things have changed on the campuses they attended.
Ceege-LU#1 : As a Founder of Lambda-Upsilon and having been away from TKE for more than 30 years I can attest to the fact that some sort of "re-education" program would be a VERY good idea for some of us Fraters that want to get reinvolved with TKE and the Alumni Associations...
MODERATOR : re-education is something that can also be incorporated into PEC's, we are incorporating it into ours this fall
Poppi : And that is the beauty of the PEC's. The GPA can tailor the educational curriculum for his province and specific audience.

MODERATOR : tank Asks: I am trying to develop a help wanted section and a resume exchange section of the Newsletter h=in Houston. Is there any help for this that I can get from GC or HQ staff?
Mark Romig : Frater Tank - the LLT site is planning a job networking section. Once we get that on line I would be glad to help you in any way I can.

MODERATOR : Sully Asks: Frater Romig, Can you sign up for LLT online? I couldn't find a link to sign up on either or the TEF?
Mark Romig : WHAT?????? That bothers me.
Mike Gebauer : From the response that I was given when I emailed the question, the link is not yet up to register online, but it will be
MODERATOR : Yes, I haven't seen an online signup for LLT, nor has the private site been published for those who've joined
Mark Romig : I know the private site is underway - give it a few weeks - but I get on the on-line issue ASAP. Thanks for the heads up..
Mike Gebauer : Per Eric Glen's email - The reason the LLT website does not have a section on how to sign up is because we have not yet publicly unveiled the site. To sign up for LLT you simply need to call or email me, Erik Glenn at (317) 872-6533 or
*****Follow-Up Answer from Grand Prytanis: An on-line Life Loyal Teke sign-up is planned - we will probably see something sometime in September. In the meantime, interested Fraters should contact Erik Glenn at TKE Headquarters ( or Kevin Mayeux at

Nick Jacoby : LLT? what is that

MODERATOR : Nick Jacoby Asks: frater Romig, I am a new PA and we are going to be having our PEC soon. is there somewhere I can get information on what all to go over and other ideas etc. on how to have the best PEC possible?
MODERATOR : Nick, seek out other GPA's or PA's who have been running them for a year or two.
MODERATOR : I for one would be more than happy to give you assistance, I've run 3, number 4 coming this fall
Mark Romig : Also, Frater Charlie Trabold can give you his experience. He was very successful with his PEC's.
Poppi : I also have had some experience with these.
Cminus : If I may address the concerns regarding alumni education: that is a big issue that will be addressed by the Alumni Involvement Committee in the coming year; it was discussed by Frater Barrett last evening on the Committee conference call. The thought is to utilized all available avenues: PEC's, RLC's, Conclave, and on-line programs, just to name a few. It may not all happen at once, but there Brian and the Committee will be working with the Education Committee to develop a program. You will undoubtedly be hearing more about this over the next few months. (Hope I'm not speaking out of turn on this issue)
Poppi : Feel free to contact me at and I can throw some ideas your way.
MODERATOR : Nick, my e-mail is also
Cminus : Regarding PCs: talk with your Regional Director, even with Frater Mike Mokros at the OGC for ideas on content. Give me a holler if you want to talk more specifically ~ evenings at home: 973-275-0630. C-

Ceege-LU#1 : Showing my age..."PEC's"???
MODERATOR : PEC = Province Education conference

Mark Romig : Fraters - again. Thank you for being a part of this. Some of you may stay on. Thank you to Frater Ryan for hosting. Remember, we do this every second Wednesday of the month at 6pm CENTRAL.
Mark Romig : Good night!
Ceege-LU#1 : Have a good evening Frater Mark...
MODERATOR : Thank you Frater Romig for your time...
Poppi : Thank you for your commitment Venerable Grand Prytanis.
tank : good night Frater
Mike Gebauer : Good night Frater, and thanks again for coming!
Mark Romig : Thank you, Frater Ryan. You da man!

MODERATOR : Fraters, you may continue to ask questions of Charlie/Poppi as long as they're willing to remain

MODERATOR1 : How many volunteers do we have today, and with the new structure, what's the target?
Poppi 2 : I am uncertain of the exact number of Volunteers off the top of my head. Refer to the latest issue of the TKE and I think that statistic is there in the GP State of the Fraternity report.

sully_tke : How many PEC's should a province have a year? we have one.
Poppi 2 : No apology necessary. I think they call me the Grand Hypophetes...although Grand Hegemonster sounded cooler.
MODERATOR1 : I think one is the right number because of RLC's, the Institute, LA, Conclave, etc...
MODERATOR1 : we tried 2 one year in the Midwest, and it was too much
MODERATOR1 : Though I recommend fall for a timeframe
Mike 3 : You may think about a Rush Conference, or something of that sort so PEC doesn't have to focus on rush
Poppi 2 : I think one a year is sufficient if it is done properly. That is based on strong participation in a Regional conference. That does not include one on one chapter educational sessions like Recruitment Retreats or officer training, nor does it include the summer planning session for the volunteer staff in each province.

tank : I am surprised we don't all think on "summer rush", it is too late for this season, but next could be a key, shouldn't we do a thinktank to develop an effective summer rush?
MODERATOR1 : Some chapters do and do a great job of it, unfortunately it seems the Rush 2-4 weeks of the year mentality is hard to break
Poppi 2 : It is never too late to rush....having said that now is the best time to ensure that we are focused on success this fall.
Poppi 2 : And the easiest way to succeed in the fall is to rush now, and get those guys initiated in 6 weeks.
tank : Poppi, that is my thought, too, rush is a 24/7 thing

Kevin Mayeux : Hey, Fraters, sorry I'm late ... got held up with some unexpected stuff.
MODERATOR1 : Hi Frater Mayeux, thanks for joining

sully_tke : what can we do on a chapter level to encourage our alumni to become PA's? I think that my Province only has one or two. Is PA recruitment mainly the job of the GPA or can we undergrads) do something to help?
MODERATOR1 : Sully, it is primarily the job of the GPA's
Mike 3 : I've spent a good amount of time out here recruiting other alumni for PA, basically just need someone that knows the plans and is willing to do some work to contact people...
MODERATOR1 : Yes, a lot of people's first reaction is no, because they dot truly know what it is
tank : If we do our jobs right at the undergraduate level, then we would have a number of "trained leaders" graduated each year
MODERATOR1 : but while primarily the job of GPA's, education at the chapter level for graduating seniors, letting them know what possibilities exist, is a great thing for the chapter to handle
tank : but looking at those who work and the alumni association level, most all are former undergraduate office holders

Kevin Mayeux : At the OGC, we're pretty excited. We sent the entire consultant corps through Dale Carnegie training this summer - so they can "teach the men how to fish" when visiting our chapters this year. A majority of our chapters will receive a one or two day recruitment seminar from an RC by mid October.

MODERATOR1 : From my understanding Kevin, the primary job of the RC's will be this training, as the alumni PA's will be doing the general chapter visits?
Kevin Mayeux : Correct. The new volunteer servicing model will better allow the RC's to spend their time working on areas of weakness (or good potential for improvement) with our chapters. In most cases, it's a strong need for recruitment as most TKE chapters recruit about 30% less men per year than our peer fraternities.

MODERATOR1 : sully Asks: Can we request that our RC visit us at a certain time that say might coincide with a rush week, or have their schedules already been set?
Kevin Mayeux : Most of the schedules for mid-August through mid-October are already set ... but you can always make a special request of the Regional Director. He'll do his best to balance out the requests, needs, logistics, etc. So, if there's a set of dates that works best - please ask.
Poppi 2 : The important thing about the visitation schedule is that EVERY chapter is scheduled to get a visit this fall, and therefore should have a positive impact this Academic year. The best time for this information is not during rush, but during the planning season.
Kevin Mayeux2 : In fact, we plan on having 2 visits from the professional staff (RC or someone else) for just about every group this academic year. If you couple that with the volunteer servicing plan, that could mean 5 or so visits from a TKE staff member (full-time or volunteer) during the year.

MODERATOR1 : When will the travel schedules be available online?
Kevin Mayeux2 : The travel schedules should be on line soon (meaning before classes start).

MODERATOR1 : MODERATOR : Mike Gebauer Asks: Frater Romig, as I remember from the last chat, you mentioned that you would speak to Indy about the possibility of providing either free or low cost hosting to Provinces and Alumni Associations to help with websites, is there any more word on this?
Kevin Mayeux2 : Web Hosting ... The Venerable Grand Prytanis arrives in Indy tomorrow, and I believe that is on our agenda for tomorrow afternoon. We have some issues with bandwidth, monitoring/liability, etc., so I'll debrief with Frater Romig then talk with the IT staff.
Kevin Mayeux2 : I like the idea of us providing even more in member services, however. Especially if it improves communication among our members - collegiate and alumni alike.

MODERATOR1 : Will a Technology committee be formed?
Kevin Mayeux2 : As for a Tech Committee - good idea if we can orchestrate it so that there's good synergy between the committee and the Operations Staff at the OGC. I'll also put that on the agenda for my talk with the VGP tomorrow.

Poppi 2 : The guys asked earlier about the ability to see their statements on line.
Kevin Mayeux2 : Financial Statements... good question. We plan on putting the chapter financial statements on line within the next month. This is the last month we plan on mailing out mass paper statements, unless we hit technical difficulties. Later in the year, we hope to have close-to-live financials on-line for our chapters.

Kevin Mayeux2 : Another tech note - Brian Ferber has done a lot of revisions to the Membership Management Module on We've done a lot of clean up on the roster update section, etc., and all will go live by Friday.

MODERATOR1 : Frater Kevin, There seems to still be some uncertainty from some PA's, and perhaps even some new GPA's on running a Province Conference, is a manual in the works of any sort?
Kevin Mayeux2 : We've got some good boilerplate material on running PEC's through the Programs Department. Mike Mokros has the materials, and we can get them to anyone who needs them. Good Q.

MODERATOR1 : sully Asks: Will the GC grant colony status to an interest group with under 15 guys? in special circumstances?
Kevin Mayeux2 : On the colony recognition piece (15 or less guys), I would say "probably not". Although one of the eight votes on the matter is in the chat room. The Grand Council has not, since I've been EVP or CEO (whatever you call it), considered any colony petitions with less than 20 men.
Poppi 2 : Less than 15 would require extraordinary circumstances...although that doesn't mean we wouldn't consider it. But if there are less than 15 men, we would need to know a plan for the chapter to be chartered in a short time frame. That doesn't mean we don't value interest groups. They just might need a little help to hit the 20 man mark. Once the GC commits the fraternity to a Colony, we basically have planned on committing close to $5K (approx and varies) of your membership fees to servicing that group and getting them to chartering.

MODERATOR1 : Frater Kevin, for a couple years, there's been talk and a push to get the manuals online, as well as the TKE Directory, I know the Hegemon manual and one or 2 others have made it online, when should we expect to see more? Especially the directory & black book?
Kevin Mayeux2 : Another good question about manuals on-line. My recommendation to the Grand Council is to put the new Black Book and Grand Council Statement of Policy (abridged) on-line as a resource to our men. Other manuals should be going up soon, as well as the launch of Teke University.

MODERATOR1 : On the maintenance module, when sitting and helping Theta do it last spring, it seemed a bit daunting and cumbersome, I take it this upgrade will make I easier to navigate?
Kevin Mayeux2 : The module is a lot easier to navigate. You should like it.
MODERATOR1 : I know as GPA/PA's we can access it, will BOA & Chapter advisor's be able to access the chapter's info as well?
Kevin Mayeux2 : The local advisors (CA at least, I "think" BOA Chair, too) will be able to access it.

MODERATOR1 : Mike Gebauer Asks: Will the Teke University be mostly based for undergrads in the beginning?
Kevin Mayeux2 : Teke University starts with risk management information and training. It then will expand to include officer and advisor training, and then include on-line certification for the CFC program. We expect all of the above done by the end of 2004 - but a good share of the information should be up by the end of the fall semester.

Poppi 2 : Kevin, Are there any plans for a TKE Institute this summer?
Kevin Mayeux2 : TKE Institute, as a free-standing event, is on the back-burner right now. We've had problems getting the draw we need at RLC's and Conclave to make them break-even ventures, and in 2002, we had no one signed up for the Institute a month in advance. I strongly believe, however, that we need to add an annual conference in the summer (like all of the other major fraternities) as part of our long-term plans.

MODERATOR1 : sully Asks: Kevin, If we have legal questions, of the non-suing variety, can we ask HQ for help or are those best left for BOA's at the local level?
Kevin Mayeux2 : On legal questions - it's always best to consult with an attorney on a local level, as laws vary from state to state. For generic legal information, I'll be glad to help. And, of course, on risk management, please involve the OGC staff as soon as possible. We've done a really good job of resolving some sticky situations early by hearing about it quickly and taking appropriate action.
Kevin Mayeux2 : Incorporating a chapter, things like that, we're also pretty good at helping.

Poppi 2 : Fraters, we need you to go out and get men interested and signed up for PEC's and RLC's over this academic year. TKE can only improve as our men get the training they need to help their chapter's succeed. Their participation in RLC's will ensure that TKE can offer even more high quality programming in the summer months."

MODERATOR1 : The recurring 'complaint' I continue to hear is the expense of these events, while adding an annual conference in the summer is a great idea, the impression I continue to get from chapters is that TKE is asking for too much money
Kevin Mayeux2 : Long term (and the sooner the better), we've got to work on diversifying our revenue model, so we can provide funds to supplement the cost of our educational conferences. We're working on it by getting more alumni good will built up through LLT and other programs, as well as by looking more for outside sponsorship. I agree, we need to do our best to hold costs down.

Kevin Mayeux3 : Fraters, thanks again for participating. Sorry I was delayed in getting on. Please feel free to let me know if the OGC or I can do anything to help you, or better see TKE succeed.
Moderator : Thanks you very much Kevin & Poppi for your time
mike4 : It's great to have this level of interaction with the Grand Officers and IHQ staff!
Poppi 4 : I look forward to seeing you all at the RLC's planned for this spring, and select PEC's this fall.
Poppi 4 : Good Night Fraters. Thank you for your participation and dedication to TKE.