Chat Transcript from Chat held on October 8, 2003
(Grand Pylortes Charlie Trabold, Director of Programs Mike Mokros)

Ryan - MOD : Fraters Charlie & Mike: Asks: What is the timeframe for the Teke academy? When will it be available?
Mike Mokros : Frater Ryan - Do you mean the Leadership Academy? (Charlie Trabold : The dates are June 5-11. )
Ryan - MOD : I believe the question is for the TKE University?
Mike Mokros : The first "class" for TKE University will be available later this semester.
Ryan - MOD : My understanding is that it will probably be the Pylortes one?
Mike Mokros : It will be an interactive course for all Tekes focused on understanding the concept of Risk Management.
Ryan - MOD : Great! and is there a rough timetable on the remainder of the 'courses'?
Mike Mokros : The timetable is still variable - I would like to be able to produce one course a month.

Ryan - MOD : tank Asks: can an outline of the TKE University material be made available online?
Mike Mokros : Each TKE University course will be available online as it is produced.
chtank : Thank you, I am one of the Tekes who is pushing the hardest for that, especially now that MIT has gone online with 500 of it's courses. Free, too.
Mike Mokros : I believe all the TKE University courses will be free as well.

Ryan - MOD : Wes Asks: What's the timetable looking life for getting the Life Loyal Teke website up (membership side of it)
Ryan - MOD : Topher was to be here tonight, however he had a conflict, I am trying to reschedule him for another session for all these website questions
Charlie Trabold : I don't know when the LLT web site will be up, but I do know we are in the midst of cutting over a new system; that is taking priority over some of these "new" things we would like to see up and running. Should be soon.
Charlie Trabold : It is my understanding that letters regarding LLT have been sent to all Seniors encouraging their enrollment.

DoctaJ : any suggestions on rush?
Soup465TKE : Docta J I would look at friendship making as recruitment. Its not necessarily an event its a mind set and a willingness to meet and engage people in friendship making environments
DoctaJ : We meet new people all the time but our chapter has problems staying with it. This semester we only have 3 pledges
DoctaJ : Many of my brothers graduated last semester and even more are graduating next semester.
Soup465TKE : So its not a problem of meeting people its a problem of Conversation/confidence skills or its a problem of EXECUTION and FOLLOW Thru?
DoctaJ : I think following thru is the major problem.....and lack of organization
chtank : soup, from what I have seen on the listserv is that not all the chapters yet understand that rush is 365 days a year and is a mind set, they seem to rush at fromal rush and stop
Soup465TKE : Lets talk about the motivations of having individuals know the reason to bring in new life blood, how it helps their experience, builds for yoru chapters future and how best to get them to "BUY IN" Thus influencing their motivatio to execute and follow through.
Ryan - MOD : tank Asks: this leads to anothyer question. Since more and more of our research univeristies are facing the need for Distance learning, and more and more students are opting for this alternative, what eforts can we take for rushing "at home" students?
DoctaJ : Chtank, we can't rush during the summer or give out bids b/c of IFC
DoctaJ : we do that all the time
Soup465TKE : IFC? Who sits on IFC. Are you guys leading and running it. Can you vote to amendments to IFC Recruitment Rules? Change it. Make the amendments to mamke it possible for non restrictive environment to make friends
DoctaJ : I am the IFC Chair, and they voted on it last semester not to. I voted against it but it went through anyway
Mike Mokros : Are you refering to syudents who get there degree from home - rarely going to a University setting?
Soup465TKE : Your own men of your greek orgs decided to limit your ability to grow and the flexibiltiy to make friends?
Soup465TKE : An IFC is suppose to be a "Chamber of Commerce" for our groups. Not a regulating body.
DoctaJ : IFC didn't think it would be fair to hand out bids during the summer b/c not everyone is here and it wouldn't be fair
Soup465TKE : You guys need to review your mission as an IFC.
DoctaJ : Atleast the guy in charge of IFC now is the dean of the school which is a TKE
Charlie Trabold : Regarding rush; I think there are several issues here: many of the rush restrictions are not necessarily instituted by the IFC, these are imposed by the schools themselves. Secondly, because there are restrictions on when we can rush, our Chapters are afraid to step up and continue the effort of making friends; Thirdly, we do need to get a mind-set change in our collegiate Fraters about the need to do it year round if we want to get more quality men.
DoctaJ : I totally agree
Soup465TKE : IFC Mission Statement example to take to the mens groups: IFC Recruitment: "To Create situations where it's member chapters can meet potential new memberers" opposed to regulating times of when chapters can and cannot recruit.
Soup465TKE : Frater: Recruitment is not IFC. Its you men making friends on an everyday - 365 days a year process just as Frater Tank mentioned.
DoctaJ : ok thanks, I think my brothers neeed highly motivated but thanks for your time. Really appreciate it
Soup465TKE : Charlie I think the school pushes man policies on Public Universities but if the students really take the role of emphasizing healthy mechanisms and processes of friendship making we can influence the positive paradigm change
Charlie Trabold : Stu: I agree the situation is different on almost all campuses, but that doesn't mean we should not attempt to change the rules ~ as you said. However, I believe the best way to get the rules changed is to change the behavior that caused them to be implemented in the first place.

Ryan - MOD : How's the Patriot system migration going?
Mike Mokros : Very well - The staff was trained on how to use the new membership database (Patriot) last week.

Ryan - MOD : Is there a timeline for the Patriot Integration with in place as of yet?
Mike Mokros : No timeline for the Patriot integration with the website as of yet - we still have general operational issues to work through

Ryan - MOD : Frater Mike, How's the educational programming looking for RLC's?
Mike Mokros : The RLC programming will be structured differently this year than the last two. We are looking at creating three simulations to work through on Saturday to make sure the education module is totally interactive.

Ryan - MOD : Frater Trabold, How is the new Province servicing sturcture working so far?
Charlie Trabold : Regarding the new Chapter Servicing Program: The Alumni Involvment Committee is now charged with the oversight of the implementation. From what I know, it is up and running; better in some Provinces than others, but all these issues are being addressed. The materials ~ Chapter Standards and a Visitation Report form ~ have now been added to the web site. LIke anything, it takes a little time to get something new off the ground, but everyone ~ Staff and Volunteers ~ are hard at work getting the kinks out.
Ryan - MOD : Yes, it will work better in time, some provinces such as ine are struggling to get adequate numbers to run that model at the moment
Charlie Trabold : Ryan: You are correct; we all need to be working together to ensure the Programs success. As it becomes more successful, we will see more alums stepping up to become involved. I have always said, work it where we have the pieces in place; the other will follow in time.

Ryan - MOD : Soup465tke Asks: What is a Province Conference and what is an RLC? Why should I attend and how can it help my Chapter?
Mike Mokros : Both Province Education Conferences (PECs) and Regional Leadership Conferences (RLCs) are programs that bring Tekes together from different chapters for interactive learning experiences as well as idea sharing. PECs are typically held in the fall while RLCs are held in the spring. Thais spring the RLCs will take place in February in Philadelphia, Charlotte, and St. Louis.
Nick - Pi Omega : RLC's are well worth the time... small small sampling of a conclave"
Soup465TKE : Province Education Conferences: Michigan Province - Nov 7-9, Wisconsin - Nov 7-9, Minnesota/Dakota's - Oct 24-25, Illinois - Oct 25, Gateway/Eastern Missouri - Oct 25, Southern Cal - Nov 8, Nothern Cal - Oct 25, Pacific Northwest - Nov 14-16,Western Missouri - TBA, Iowa/Nebraska - TBA, Kansas - TBA, Indiana - Nov 1-2
Charlie Trabold : The Connecticut/Rhode Island PEC will be held November 8th; Frater Chris Hill is the GPA. Frater Herb Huser will be holding his Virginia PEC on Saturday, October 18th.

Ryan - MOD : Wes Asks: Who would I ask for a list of Life Loyal Tekes in a specific area? or is this a possibility yet?
Charlie Trabold : Get to Frater Eric Glenn at the OGC

Ryan - MOD : Wes Asks: has there been any thought on gettin fraters to use the internet more for resources? (i've seen alot of chapters that have problems that alot of solutions are on either or TKEcentral that most times are oblivious to either site)
Nick - Pi Omega : Just to introduce myself: Nick DeCicco, Former Prytanis, Pi-Omega Chapter (Albany)
Charlie Trabold : Fraters ~ I need to sign off; I have a TKE Committee meeting in three minutes. Regards to all. C-
Charlie Trabold decided to leave us at Wed Oct 8 18:57:38 CDT 2003

Ryan - MOD : Fraters, The 'Official' portion of the chat has ended, and that also means I am sigining off, but Please feel free to comtinue chatting, tonight and any time, the chatroom is always open!