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Budgeting Basics (Source: TKE OGC)

The Budget Planning Process (Thanks to: Charles Trabold, GPA)

The Chapter Budget (Thanks to: Charles Trabold, GPA)

The TKE Fidelity Bond (Thanks to: TKE OGC)

TKE Monthly Expense/Reimbursement Report (Source: Unknown)

TKE School of Financial Management (Source: Unknown)

TKE Budget 00-01 (Source: Unknown)


Financial Planning (Thanks to: TKE OGC)

Financial Stability (Thanks to: Dr. William Muse)

Financial Statements (Thanks to: TKE OGC)

Sample Chapter Financial Policy   (Thanks to: Charles Trabold, GPA)

Promisary Note (Thanks to: Stuart Umberger/Theta-Phi Chapter)


Fundraising (Thanks to: TKE OGC)

Fundraising Ideas (Thanks to: Kyle Slaski)

How to Conduct a Fundraiser (Source: Unknown)


Chapter Bookkeeping Template (Source: Unknown)

Chapter Crysophylos Guide (Source: Unknown)

Collection Techniques (Thanks to: TKE OGC)

Crysophylos Acknowledgement of Duty (Source: Unknown)

Developing Chapter Dues (Thanks to: Charles Trabold, GPA)

Fee Structure (Thanks to: TKE OGC)

Income and Expense Catagories (Thanks to: Charles Trabold, GPA)


Frequently Asked Questions About Taxes (Thanks to: TKE OGC)

Handling Money (Thanks to: TKE OGC)

IRS Warning (Thanks to: TKE OGC)

Q&A Taxes (Source: Unknown)

Tax 101 (Thanks to: TKE OGC)

Understanding Taxes (Thanks to: TKE OGC)