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Buckwheat Cooking (Thanks to: TKE OGC)

Rush Chair Manual (Thanks to: TKE OGC)

Rush Initiatives 2000 (Thanks to: Matt Previts YA #4)

Rush: The Lifeblood (Thanks to: TKE OGC)

Organizing a Rush Workshop (Source: Unknown)

Quote on Rushees (Source: Unknown)

Rush Goal (Thanks to: Charles Trabold, GPA)

Rush Information and Strategies (Thanks to: TKE OGC)

Rush Flyers rush1 | rush2 (Thanks to: TKE OGC)

Successful Rush   (Thanks to: Charles Trabold, GPA)

The Rush Chairman (Source: Unknown)

The Rush Guest (Source: Unknown)

The Ten Commandments of Rush (Thanks to: TKE OGC/Todd Farmer)

TKE Summer Rush Guide (Source: Unknown)

Understanding the Rushee (Thanks to: Charles Trabold, GPA)